lips pressed, long drag
if it was anyone else,
I’d step aside, look away.

chest raises, you take another
my eyes see your interior -
smoke travels quickly…

breathe in, breathe out
why can I see the residue 
in the cavity of your lungs?

lips pressed, chest raised
why am I the one
who feels light-headed?

I watch you fill your lungs with
the opposite of life,
and all I want is for yours to last longer
than mine.

3 years.
3 whole years i’ve been waiting to get what i need off my chest & let you know how i truly feel.

but i never did.

every time you would come home, i would make up excuses.
months & months later, i finally had my mind set on telling you.

but when you came home again, i was in a different state miles away.

now i sit here drowning in regret.

you have a gf.
i have these feelings.

you had these feelings.
i had a bf.

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I thought I could handle the sight of you after you left me, but I just can’t. I still look at you as though we are together even though we aren’t. I just wish you could see yourself through my eyes, feel what I feel, hold back the tears, and hide the pain from the world by putting on a hallow smile.

I secretly wish my husband would leave me. I wish this because I do not love him anymore. I am afraid to tell him this as he has a temper. He has never hit me, but he has verbally degraded me. He has threatened me with violence. I feel he is very unpredictable. I never thought I would be married married to such a jerk. He is no longer the man I married.

The more I talk to you, the more I like you.

You’re funny, a fantastic artist, a brilliant thinker, optimistic, you have as much passion for what you do as I do…

You’re everything I’ve admired in other people all rolled up into one.

We know each other very well now despite the fact that we didn’t talk at all last year.

You’re the first guy I’ve become friends with in years because the others started out nice then as time went by they grew into irresponsible boys.

I don’t know if this I have a genuine crush on you or if I’m just excited to have someone who shares similar interests as me who is a male.

My heart skips a beat when I see you, when we talk I can’t help but blush…. But when we walked home together the other day I felt that we’re just fine as friends with similar interests.

…I’m confused…

I have a huge crush on the father of a kid I coach. Not only is he really good looking, but he’s creative, down to earth, and an awesome dad. He’s not married, but I think he may have a girlfriend…and he’s 15 years older than me. It feels so wrong, and I know that it would be inappropriate to act on it, and it would never go anywhere anyways, but I can’t help thinking about it. Way more often than I should.